Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I feel so bad for not updating sooner.  Summer flew by and it ended up being crazier and difficult then we anticipated after the loss of a close friend.   Despite cancelling our big camping trip we managed to squeeze in a few small ones and still had a great time.  The weather was cooler but wonderful (in my opinion) and we got lots of quality time in.

School.  That's the biggest news on our end.  I still can't believe that my boy is in school.  It was very tough..for me.   I felt he wasn't real ready, that he was too little, that he was still my baby.  The first week I cried a lot.  Benjamin, on the hand, has been a rock star.  He had a few tears of apprehension the first couple days, but he adjusted...well.  The biggest obstacle has been the bathroom. Its a lot for these little guys to deal with.  He was nervous to ask to go and having accidents and also just to busy to remember to go.  It has slowly been getting better as time goes by..only the occasional one now.  He loves his teacher so much.  He is her little helper and he sticks pretty close to her side for most of the day.   She says he is just and amazing little boy, that makes me proud.  He even got the responsibility award at his monthly school assembly.  He's been a little cranky after school.   The first month was rough.  He was very tired when he got home and we all have bore the brunt of that.   But that too is slowly getting better.

Benjamin has also started skating lessons which is very exciting.  Dad definitely wants him to be the next Wayne Gretzky..I guess we'll just have to see.  He's also still working on swimming, which he loves too.

Other then that there isn't much else to report.   We have no appointments or anything going on.  He has been learning at a normal pace.  The teachers are all aware of his history and are keeping a close eye on him.  So far no concerns have come up.  I'm so thankful for that.   Christmas is coming fast which we are so excited about...our favorite time of year, but with the winter comes flu season.  I am definitely feeling some anxiety about Benjamin being in school now and all the germs the kids share.  Fingers crossed he can fight a lot of the germs off and come out in the spring unscathed.   This is on the top of my prayer list for sure.   We'll take it one day at a time.

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